About BLUG

The Brown Linux Users Group (BLUG) is an official Brown University student group that supports and advocates the use of Linux, Unix, and other free and open source software at Brown.

BLUG aims to provide a friendly community in which both current and potential Linux users can ask for advice. We meet weekly to discuss current projects, help people with Linux-related questions, and to plan for the future. Every semester, we stage an installfest, an event to which people who need help installing Linux can bring their computers so that we can give them a hand.

We host mailing lists, where people can receive announcements of meetings and other events, participate in discussions, and ask questions about BLUG or Linux in general. Recently, we created a wiki to publish documentation about using Linux at Brown.

BLUG is a recognized Category II student group. However, it's not just for undergrads. BLUG is open to all members of the Brown community, including grad students, faculty, and staff.

For more information about Linux, please see About Linux.

What We Do


Our officers and their contact details are listed below. If you have a technical problem or question about Linux, please do not email an officer directly. Instead, send an email to our mailing list, discuss@blug.brown.edu. As the old saying goes, "many eyes make bugs shallow," and you will have much better luck emailing 100+ helpful members than one lone officer.

President:Peter Cooper '16president@blug.brown.edu
Vice President:Cody Mello '15vice-president@blug.brown.edu
Treasurer:Alex Light '15treasurer@blug.brown.edu
Secretary:John Ericson '16secretary@blug.brown.edu