General Information

Every semester, the Brown Linux Users Group holds an Installfest to help members of the Brown community install Linux on their computers (PC or Mac). Because installing Linux can be intimidating at first, we do everything we can to ease the getting-started process. We provide nearly everything: install CDs, power cables, monitors, keyboards, mice, and pizza. All you need to bring is a computer! Members of BLUG will be present to help you install Elementary OS or Ubuntu. We will also provide getting-started assistance, and get you subscribed to our mailing lists for further support and meeting information.

If you aren't sure about Linux and want to keep your current operating system, that is OK; Linux coexists well with others, including Windows and Mac OS X, and you will be able to choose which operating system to start when you boot the computer. If you do not want to actually install Linux at all, we can still give you a free CD that will let you run Linux from the CD without actually installing anything on your computer. That CD is also very useful for demonstration, rescue, and diagnostic purposes whether or not you have a working Linux installation on your hard drive. We strongly recommend that all attendees back-up important data before installing any new operating system, including Linux, to minimize the risk of permanent data loss.

If you can't make the Installfest, we also perform Linux installations upon request, as mutually permitted by schedules and homework. If you want us to help you install Linux outside the Installfest, please contact us via the mailing list.

Note on equipment: If you're bringing a desktop (as opposed to a laptop), you do not need to bring a monitor, mouse, or keyboard; we will provide them for you. It would be helpful, however, if you could bring the necessary power cables and networking cables.