BLUG typically meets in the Tech House library, which is located at the west end of Harkness House, which is on the corner of Charlesfield and Thayer Streets (see map to right). The door is usually locked, so just bang on it and someone will let you in.

BLUG meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend. Meetings are fun affairs with a lot of joking around, and roughly follow this format:

  1. BLUG business
  2. Technical problems
  3. Linux/open source/tech news

Occasionally, there are presentations about a Linux-related topic. Meetings generally last one hour, and are often followed by dinner at the V-Dub. Come and see who we are and what we're about!

Note that BLUG traditionally doesn't meet during holiday breaks or reading period. Accordingly, this schedule may change to accommodate such breaks. Once a change has been decided on, it will be updated here, and announced on our mailing lists.