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IPTV is Brown's television and video on demand service. It launches through your web browser and generally works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. See below for Linux-related details.


Fall 2010 Update

As of fall 2010, the IPTV software has been upgraded. It now works out of the box on 32-bit Ubuntu, without the need to install an old version of libstdc++. (See below for 64-bit Ubuntu)

Generic Ubuntu

If you haven't installed the Java plugin yet, you will be prompted to install it the first time you visit IPTV. Firefox's plugin wizard will walk you through the process, which is very easy.

64-bit Ubuntu

You will need to install the ia32-libs package through Synaptic Package Manager before being able to use IPTV. If you don't install it first, IPTV will silently fail to launch.


Watching television requires the use of IP multicast. If you have a strict firewall (not the case with Ubuntu by default) you may have a problem where IPTV launches but is not able to tune into any stations. If this happens, try disabling your firewall (but do so with caution). It's still unknown what the correct firewall rules are to make it work.

This does not affect on-demand streaming through MyCourses, which doesn't use multicast.

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